public void LoadUsers()
        {            string root = @"C:\theworld\deploy\TheWorld.Server\Data\Users\";            // create string array to store the list of folders inside the root folder            string[] userFolders;            // verify root directory exists            if (Directory.Exists(root))            {                Log.Info("User Directoy Found!");                            // get all directories inside the root directory                userFolders = Directory.GetDirectories(root);                if (userFolders.Length == 0)                {                    Log.Info("No Folders found inside the users directory");                }                else                {                    foreach (string folder in userFolders)                    {                        string folderName;                        // extract the folder name from the full path - folder name is username                        folderName = new FileInfo(folder).Directory.Name; // this returns users which is the defualt root path. I need it to return testt which is the folder inside users                        Log.Debug("Adding user to the user list");                        Log.Debug(folder + "   " + folderName);                        //Deserialize<Users>(Lists.user, folder + folderName + ".xml");                    }                }            }         }
foldername gives user when actually i need it to give me testt which is the directory its in. Any help?