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Thread: Getting errors because of localization

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    Default Getting errors because of localization


    I'm trying to run Community Server on an ASPNix host. The thing is I want it to be localized with the culture of my country - that is Bulgaria. When I did it at first everything seemed to be OK. Then when playing a little with CS settings and features (adding users, files with Bulgarian names etc.) I started getting errors from time to time but couldn't see what excatly the problem was. Later I installed Wiki for community server and localized it too. Same thing with it - at first everything was OK and later when I tried to add an article with Bulgarian name it saved a file like ??????.topic.xml instead of Article_Name.topic.xml and gave an error. A few more steps like these concerning localization and I crashed the whole site. Then reinstalled it and crashed it again when adding Bulgarian resources.

    I thought it was a bug of Community Server and tried DotNetnuke - same thing. Can't something be done? I need my site in Bulgarian, not in English!

    Any advice is appreciated :)

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Getting errors because of localization

    If you don't mind, email to support or talk to me on messenger, I would like to go over this in detailed.

    First of all, WIKI for CS requires Full Trust .NET mode and it won't run on Shared plan anyway. I really don't think you could have any problems with localization. We have a few clients from Bulgaria for a few years and I've never heard of any issues. I think the problem maybe something else, so if you could send me your domain with some steps where you get errors, I will be glad to check them.

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