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    Default OMG ASPNIX

    I just wanted to give my feedback:[H]</p>


    <u>am realy lucky to made my website and domain on aspnix and am realy thankfull to them and to thier supports , and how its realy easy control panel</u></p>

    I will give few samples how i made my judgment:</p>

    I'am working as websites programmer using using C# ,ajax 1.0 wtih SQLServer 2005 </p>

    <u>I'v publised website in 2 other companies domains:</u></p>

    1- I'v never sow control panel like aspnix easy ,flixable , with simple menu </p>

    2- For The language the website am working on is in 2 languages arabic and english , the other 2 websites domains didnt accept the arabic language (i didnt try the code yet to fix that problem) but by default it dosnt support arabic , while in aspnix i'v just uploaded the pages and they wroked perfectly without any coding or any thing else.

    3- For the sqlserver database size the max database size in the other 2 domains was up to 300MB each DB while here itps 2000MB</p>

    4- The other 2 domains hosting companies didnt provide Silver light support yet</p>


    i think thats enough to make future websites buyers to host on aspnix</p>


    thanks thats what i wanted to say , and best wishes to aspnix and hope u will be the topest hosting company [;)]


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    Default Re: OMG ASPNIX

    Thank you! Your feedback is great and informative!
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