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Thread: Well, what's good about ASPnix?

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    Default Well, what's good about ASPnix?

    <P mce_keep="true">OK, I've been on here before saying how much I appreciate ASPnix, their pricing and their service. I've also seen some posts complaining about lack of service, however, I can only speak about my own experiences.</P>
    <P mce_keep="true">For me ASPnix have been great, even living in a different time-zone (UK) I can't fault them for service.I've had a $77 p.a.account and had good service, now though I have a $277 account and get good service. I mean what ASPnix does, it does well. Its one of the cheapest around and they always keep up with the latest technologies, faster than I can [:D], and their pricing models are easy to understand. Let me give you an example of what I mean...The other day I was looking around and saw an advert for another host that offers a "Discount", so I take a look. Man, I think I would need an extra brain just to understand what I would get for my money.</P>
    <P mce_keep="true">I'll stick where I am thanks.</P>
    <P mce_keep="true">Mark Arnold, UK.</P>

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    Default Re: Well, what's good about ASPnix?


    Thank you for your great feedback. One of the great features of our pricing model is that we offer a lot of MSSQL Databases with our packages. Most of our competitors hide the fact that you have to pay extra for each database you use.

    Thanks again,

    Friendly ASPnix Administrator

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