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Thread: Web Deploy - How to deploy MS Visual Studio Project to a website on ASPnix Web server

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    Lightbulb Web Deploy - How to deploy MS Visual Studio Project to a website on ASPnix Web server

    Web Deploy is a new method to publish your web application and Microsoft Visual Studio solution files.

    • Web Deploy feature is available for web sites hosted on our web servers with Windows shared hosting plans.
    • In order to use the web deploy method with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Web matrix. You need to enable Web deploy in control panel.
    • To enable Web deploy:
      • Logon to control panel
      • Go to websites >> select your website (i.e.
      • Click on "web publishing" tab.
      • Type your desired username and password here (to create web deploy user to authenticate to deploy web applications).
      • Click on "Enable" button to enable web deploy on your website.

    To publish your web application using Web Deploy ( predefined Publishing Profile)

    • Click on "download publishing profile for this site" to download your web publishing profile and setup this profile in MS visual studio / web matrix and publish your solution to server.

    To publish your web application using Web Deploy (Manual Method):

    • Open the project in Visual Studio 2010.
    • Click Build -> Publish. This will bring up the "Publish Web" dialog box.
    • Change the "Publish Method" to Web Deploy.
    • In the "Service URL" field, enter: "https://[webserver]" for Web Servers in US data center

    "https://[webserver]" for Web Servers in EU data center

    Replace [webserver] with name of actual server, i.e. web03 and URL for web deploy should like this URL: You can get server information following instructions in this knowledgebase article: Where can I find my hosting account details and server information?

    • In the "Site/application" field, enter: "[]/[folder]", e.g.; Replace [folder] with the directory you wish to publish the application under, if you publishing to root folder there is no need to type sub folder name i.e. only type your domain name Replace with the name of your domain.
    • Check Mark as IIS application on destination. (This option is not required if you are deploying to the website Root)
    • Check Allow untrusted certificate.
    • In the username field, enter your Web Deploy user that you already created in control panel (under web deploy section of your website in control panel).
    • In the password field, enter your password.
    • Click Publish.

    Users who use Visual Studio to do web deploy need to tell Microsoft Visual Studio not to touch their ACL / permissions.
    If not, Microsoft Visual Studio will alter permissions and your site will go offline or into a server 500 because the web.config is no longer readable. Have a look on this KB article How do I stop Microsoft Web Deploy / Web Publishing from editing my websites ACL permissions?
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