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Thread: File Upload doesn't Work

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    Default File Upload doesn't Work

    Hi all,</p>


    I'm using Server 2008, IIS 7 running wordpress 2.7.1</p>

    I having a issue with file uploading. I can upload files which at less then 2-3Mgs, no issue there.</p>

    However I keep getting HTTP Error, IO Error when I try uploading anything more than 4Mgs</p>


    I have set the required settings on my php.ini, updated my web.config file to allow 200mg of data, given all rights to my upload folders, even set the time out value on IIS, but I still can't upload my files. This is driving me insane.</p>

    It would be good if anyone can help point me in the correct direction

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    Default Re: File Upload doesn't Work

    you mentioned php.ini and web.config. so which one you are working with? are you getting the error with PHP or ASP.NET?

    It must be ntfs permissions.
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    Default Re: File Upload doesn't Work

    Heis using wordpress which is driven by PHP.
    Our PHP5 configuration is setup to allow for uploading up to 32MB files in size, this pending of coarse if your connection can upload the data fast enough before the PHP thread times out. The web.config file is irrelavent here as the php.ini controls everything for the PHP parser. However you cannot upload your own php.ini file as PHP will ignore it. I will have our system administrator check the folder permissions for the PHP temp upload DIR.

    EDIT: Seems you are possibly a VPS client? Make sure your php.ini file is setup to allow for large file transfers over 4MB and that your PHP timeout is high enough to wait for you to deliver the data. Even if you allowed PHP to do 200MB, if the timeout is set to 120 seconds unless your internet connection has an upload rate that can upload 200MB is less then 120 seconds you would need to raise it aswell.
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