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Thread: Support account disappeared?

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    Default Support account disappeared?

    I went into the support site today to submit a ticket and I can no longer login with my email address. It says it's not registered, even though it's the same email address I've been using for the last 5 years with ASPNIX. I even submitted a ticket less than a month ago using the same email address, and now it just stopped working. Does anyone know what's going on? Has this happened to anyone else? I emailed support, but it's been a while and still no answer from them... They used to respond a lot quicker it seems...

    I just recently paid my annual invoice for ASPNIX hosting, so I know it's not about the account not being up to date... I can get into HELM, just can't get into the support site. I also noticed I can't get into the myLittleBackup tool for SQL any more. Any advice is APPRECIATED!

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    Hello and thanks for your questions.

    1. we have recently upgraded the support system to much better one. So please register for support account here:

    2. MLA and MLB both should work fine. You need to use your SQL user and password and make sure you choose the right SQL server. You can make sure what server you are at in HELM if you click on your database. Try resetting your user/password. (deleting it and creating new one is usually better)

    hope this all helps.
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