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Thread: Feedback and suggestions

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    December 8, 2009

    Red face Feedback and suggestions

    Hello Roma and all ASpnix people! I came here to make some feedback about the new control panel (WebSitePanel) and other things:

    IIS 7 suppors IDNs like this (www.äüë.com). Allow to create this new kind of domain names.

    Giving early access to it to customers with not for production sites, just for testing (like me :) would be great to test this new panel.

    Medium and Full Trust is a most to be configured at the user level.

    Wordpress, Graffiti, and other IMPORTANT application packs should be allways updated and ready to deploy. Today Wordpress it is still version 2.8 in the current Helm and crashed in the installation for example.

    Smarter*** is not that Smarter. Migrating to another email, webstats server would make a good call.

    Create a new kind of SQL Databases licensing, allow to create more databases of less than 50 mbs or XXX mbs and low use could make a great difference.

    And for ASPnix, I would like to share this: Web hosting software for IIS, SMTP, Anti-Spam Is a great resource site for Windows Server. Take a look.

    Also Business Catalyst ( have a GREAT deal. The bussiness model they have is not much like ASPnix have done before, but maybe ASPnix could check out and get some good ideas. Just saying.

    Thanks for this great service all these years and it will make me happy if any of this contribution would do any good.

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    thank you for your feedback!
    we are looking into supporting the intentional IDNs.
    SQL comments are very interesting. Will definitely think about this.

    I did see those host tools before. Will do more research on this.
    Friendly ASPnix Administrator

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    First thank you for taking the time to contact us and leave feedback! We appreciate this very much!

    - Full Trust: We have this enabled by default in our new control panel setups. (WebSitePanel) and WEB18+. So no need to enable / disable this.

    - Application Packs in Helm: Helm is a dead product. It is no longer developed against, or supported by the "developer". So we see no real point in continuing on this. Our new CP (WebSitePanel) has the Microsoft Web Application Library built in and it is constantly updated and new packages are added dynamically!

    - SQL Licensing: We will look into this for sure!

    - Host Tools: Our new CP (WebSitePanel) supports bandwidth monitoring of VPS machines. SQL Bandwidth IMO is rather pointless in our environment as its all local traffic anyways.

    - SmarterMail: While I do agree with you for the most part, this unfortunately is one of the best options for Web hosting providers. IE The other options... HMailServer is free, but limited, and does not scale well at the level we run at, and webmail interface options are limited to ugly :). IceWarp: While this is one heck of a mailserver it is also priced at that of a building a space shuttle, it is extremely expensive which would result in a price increase to help support the upgraded server costs. MailEnable is very "cheap" feeling and is priced at that. While its interface is nice, the overall feeling of this server is cheap. SmarterMail is not a bad server, while it does has issues they are dedicated to their product and are decent developers and do a good job with product updates.

    Let us know if you have any other suggestions!
    Christopher York
    ASPnix Administration Team

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    April 24, 2010


    Thanks for your feedback.
    We are working hard on this new control panel.

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