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Thread: Account Suspension. Mail List

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    Default Account Suspension. Mail List

    I have been your customer for many years, I think 8 years or more.
    I have a reseller account and several VPS's.

    It's very frustrating that you decide to suspend the account without any warning.

    Today, you suspend my account because I have a large email list (more than 2,000), I have reviewed your page and see the limit is 1,000. For me is not a problem to split my list to get no more than 1000 on each one; in fact I didn't remember that limit.

    I think you should put yourselves in action, and be more proactive; if you configure the smartermail to no accept more than 1000 emails per list, you will ensure no one is going to exceed that limit.

    Please, be proactive... I am really considering move to other hosting company.

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    We were proactive, we suspended your account for high-usage to prevent other users from placing support tickets regarding delayed emails etc. It is nothing against you, doesn't matter who the customer is, if they drop 2000+ emails on the server in a matter in seconds / minutes, they too will be suspended.

    Yes we do limit to 1000, assuming you use the control panel to handle this, but yes, you can go around these limits using SmarterMail itself. Then too you are also violating our terms of service by going around our limits set by our hosting plans.

    I am sorry you feel upset about this, I don't see any reason why you should up and leave, especially something as simple as a suspension.

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