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Thread: Using ReportViewer Data Control

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    Default Using ReportViewer Data Control

    One of the great new features of the .NET 2.0 architecture is the improved links to the reporting capabilities of SQL. Keeping with the theme of “no code” applications, it is possible to produce fairly complex reports by painting the report and selecting the data using the query builder. This posting directs you to several pages on Microsoft’s site to minimize the size of this posting and to provide youwith details.

    To add a report to your website you must:
    1) Modify your web.config file to include an HTTP Handler. This is described in the following article: The code fragment is listed below but the article explains all of the options.
    2) Add three files to your website’s in directory. The files are:
    Microsoft.ReportViewer.ProcessingObjectModel.dll (located in the GAC)
    The third file is found in the GAC. Locating this file and copying it is described here:
    Another option is to ask the hosting support group to load the three files into the server GAC. This is also described in the previous link.
    3) Add a new item (dataset) to your website and have it stored in the appcode directory. You will use the dataset designer tools to build the dataset. It is a very straightforward process.
    4) Add a new Report item to your website. Use the report tools to design the report. The tools are similar to Access reports.
    5) Add a DataReportViewer control to your web form. Link to the report item. The last three steps are outlined in
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    Default Re: Using ReportViewer Data Control

    Thanks for the hard work of this tutorial you will help everyone out when they search google or view our howtos and are in need of this topic/subject.

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    Default Re: Using ReportViewer Data Control

    Does anyone have this working with ASPnix ? I would love to have the reportviewer capabilities on my site, but it seems it won't work out of the box under Medium Trust. Has ASPnix done some tweaking to the machine.config to enable the reportviewer controls to work?</P>

    Or alternatively, has anyone had luck with other reporting solutions that can produce nice printable multi-page reports? I was looking at ITextSharp and wondered if anyone has it working on an ASPnix shared hosting site.</P>

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    Default Re: Using ReportViewer Data Control


    I tried it and confirmed with Roma, it does not work in the aspnix environment. Too bad.[:(]

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    Default Re: Using ReportViewer Data Control

    <P mce_keep="true">The message that the Reportviewer doesn't work is incorrect. I have a personal plan site that uses it just fine (shared environment).</P>
    <P mce_keep="true">However, executing using systems.transactions namespace in the ASPNix shared environment is a different issue altogether . . .</P>

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    Default Re: Using ReportViewer Data Control

    I see. Email us full that is not working. we'll look into that.</p>

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    There is another useful URL for the fix of SQL Server Report viewer rendering issue:

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