Anyone who read the forums play it? I just recently started again due to me not having a computer that could run it. Now that I'm able to I have decided to play once again. I have 2 characters. One is a level 20 monk/ele, its been so long I don't remember how to play monk lol. I just started a new character this morning as a ranger. It will be Ranger/Ele. This character will stay in Pre- Searing until it hits level 20 since they made it a tad easier to get a title only available in Pre-Searing. If you play and want to get a hold of me i'm either on

Crzyone The Monk - lvl 20 monk/ele - suck at this build. I'll have to start playing and read up on good builds again

Crzyone of Death - lvl 2 Ranger - This will be my primary character from now on.

They have also added a new "hero system." I'll be testing it out once I get it a high enough level. The system is a paid ad-on, which i bought for 40 bucks the other day ^_^. I'll be ready to hit the Eye of the North once again... Get myself a polar bear pet... Which is the goal of this character.