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Thread: Hosted Email

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    Default Hosted Email

    Hi there,

    I'm interested in your email hosting. I have 10 Pop3 email accounts with my domain. They are all used by me and no one else. All the pop3 accounts have forwarding enabled to one email address so whenever I get an email in any of them the emails are copied into one email address.

    One of the accounts has 50+ aliases which it allows me to receive emails from multiple email addresses into one email.

    I also can connect to the server using Pop3 and Imap.

    Can you tell me this is possible with your hosted email plan?


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    Default Re: Hosted Email

    Hello @kathyjudd!

    Yes, this is easily done with our hosted email plan. We offer unlimited aliases and groups, you can purchase as many accounts and as much storage as you need. IMAP, POP, SMTP and EWS are included with the hosted email plan.

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