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Thread: Customer Review (since 2006)

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    Default Customer Review (since 2006)

    So, I am finally wrapping up and leaving aspnix after being here since 2006 and the only constructive feedback I really have is even considering the great price, I am leaving.

    Take what you will from that, but the main reason is I have never had a good experience with customer service in all of that time, the servers go through phases where they are great for a year and then just attrocious for a year. I am sure anyone who has been here for more than 6 months can tell you how unreliable the mail server was for the longest time etc.

    Support pretty much just denied there was a problem and every time I complained, they just told me how great the mail server is and that the downtime this time was just an isolated incident.

    I have actually had it in my mind to cancel several times over that 5 year period, and only laziness on my part, and the fact the costs are so low kept me paying.

    I think I have followed the rules from the sticky, I have tried to be as specific as I can while being polite and constructive.

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    Dear Robertm,

    Thank you for your feedback. We've ben fighting with SmarterTools company for very long time regarding the mails server. We have got amazing hardware to prevent any issues on our site. They login to mail server to check settings almost every day and say nothing wrong. But the server stalls again and again. We have considered changing smartermail to other brands, but many customers complaint that they will leave us and they like Smartermail a lot.
    sorry for the issues that you had. We'll keep working on doing out best!
    Friendly ASPnix Administrator

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