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Thread: Database Missing?

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    Default Database Missing?


    I've been with you guys for a few years, and one of the sites I have has been left unchanged for about a year (I don't think I've even been able to login in that time).

    Suddenly out of the blue one of my client's databases has disappeared.

    When I placed a support request to find out why, I was told it would cost $50 to fix the issue, and then also sent a "New Shared Hosting Account" setup email (for my existing account) including a second charge for this month.

    I'm willing to put this down to just a mixup, given I've been with you guys so long, but I do need this fixed, and the support tickets just don't seem to be getting it ("my database has gone missing on your server" gets a reply of "we can't find your database").

    Can someone please explain

    • If server upgrades / the amazon outage or what have you led to database deletions?
    • Why I am being charged to fix a server failure outside my control and part of the service guarantee?
    • Why I would be getting billed twice this month / why did I get a new setup email?
    • Why "Create new backup" in Helm for MS SQL 2005 Databases does not work.
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    • None of these items cause database removals. We are also not affiliated or related to Amazon
    • We do not guarantee your data. Your data is your responsibility to maintain and keep backed up. Our backups are in case of a complete server failure, we can restore data ASAP. Also note server failures are not necessarily covered by our up-time guarantee.
    • Please contact our billing department for information regarding this.
    • Please use our dedicated backup tools for MSSQL. ( I would not trust Helm's backup tools.

    If this is related to the customers domain being removed due to it not being hosted with ASPnix services, then yes the $50 would apply.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the reply.

    • Thanks for clearing up that they are not the causes, but any idea what could be? Has any work been done on the SQL Server 2005 server in the last couples of weeks? Considering I haven't touched the domain or hosting, some acknowledgement of the issue would go a long way.
    • I know you don't guarantee our data, but simply losing a database which results in downtime seems like an issue. I get that as a liability precaution you cannot guarantee data, but I still presumed the team made a "best effort" to maintain and restore data, and I would never expect any company to charge a client for repairing a fault that was not caused by the client.
    • Thanks I have.
    • Thanks I will in future (and did in the past, however I can no longer access the online backups for this database as it has been deleted, so will have to rely on very old data).

    "If this is related to the customers domain being removed due to it not being hosted with ASPnix services, then yes the $50 would apply."

    The customers domain has been hosted with you guys for its entirety, - nothing has changed at all with the hosting except the database has mysteriously disappeared. The domain, its files and its configuration settings are still the same.

    I accept that you can't be responsible for all data, but I'm just trying to work out how something as major to a client as losing a whole database seems to be being dismissed as an issue on my part.

    Data loss from any other host/provider would be responded with a "Sorry, reason x caused a database loss recently - here is our best attempt to fix the problem from backups.", but the ticket responses I'm getting seem to imply no-one thinks there's an actual issue, or that it is somehow my fault. Nonetheless, thanks for your reply - it was far more than I could get from either Live Support or a Support Ticket.


    I've given your support team permission to charge $50 to recover the database.

    However, I consider the lack of acknowledgment of an issue, or best effort by aspnix to recover the database given this was clearly not a client error is ultimately both poor and disappointing.
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