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Thread: File system securit

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    Default File system securit

    Hello there.
    When proceed to create new folder with Directory.CreateDirectory method I have to add security rule:
    securityRules.AddAccessRule(New FileSystemAccessRule(domainSecurity, FileSystemRights.Read, AccessControlType.Allow))

    where domainSecurity as a string of "domain\account".

    It runs fine by my computer where domain name is same as computer name. But trouble comes when app is deployed to the server. Is there way to know domain name of the server to grant relevant access to file system?

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    Default Re: File system securit

    You can use the below code from the SYstem.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory namespace.
    Domain domain = Domain.GetComputerDomain();
    This will throw exceptions if the machine is not part of a domain however.

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